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It's Time To Get Rid Of Pancakes And Enjoy Waffles For Good

Don't waffle on this one.

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We all know waffles are the superior choice of food when it comes to breakfast.

whitdobladillo / Via Instagram: @whitdobladillo

And we also all know starting your day off with a pancake is the equivalent to waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

2travelingdogs / Via Instagram: @2travelingdogs

Waffles are like the distant cousin of pancakes that moved out of their hometown and got its shit together.

curvycanadian / Via Instagram: @curvycanadian

Then they turned what initially seemed like a quick fling into a really meaningful relationship.

halodregs / Via Instagram: @halodregs

They've always got your back when you need them the most.

steampunk_gadget / Via Instagram: @steampunk_gadget

They get along with everything sweet despite their previous savory engagement.

brendastella_ / Via Instagram: @brendastella_

Dogs love em.

perkiescoffeehaus / Via Instagram: @perkiescoffeehaus

Waffles Fries wanna be em.

tironnasaure / Via Instagram: @tironnasaure

They can hang with the best of them when it's dessert time too.

amber_lyn_m / Via Instagram: @amber_lyn_m

Sure, it's possible that pancakes came before waffles...

Pedro Fequiere / BuzzFeed

But as we all know it's not about who did it first, it's about who did it best.

prateekpandey36 / Via Instagram: @prateekpandey36

So thank you waffles — for innovating, and filling our hearts, stomachs, and mouths with joy with every little bite.

smittencreationsbymarion / Via Instagram: @smittencreationsbymarion

What kind of name is flapjack anyway? FOH.

siajustine / Via Instagram: @siajustine

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