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17 Cute Tweets About Every Animal Except Dogs

No offense though because dogs are amazing.

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1. This adorable-ass pig inception that'll warm your heart.

2. This unlikely couple that are two peas in a pod.

I got Kiwi a lil goth gf 🖤💛💚

3. This beautiful Savannah cat you should maybe do research on before getting.


4. These roosters that need to be detained to ride in peace.

Roosters evacuating Key West in paper burritos so they don't fight each other.

5. This hedgehog that just needs a little helping hand.

Gave Peanut a bath and after drying him he stuck out his hand for me to hold😭

6. This parrot that's leaving its footprint in the kitchen.

roommate: " try to not make any noise when you come home late" *Me at 4am looking for a bottle of water*

7. These newborn ~nutsacks~ that are cute as hell.

My hedgehog had babies last night & they are about the cutest lil nutsacks I've ever seen 💗


8. These photos of calves you can't help but appreciate.

Hey there... Take a moment to appreciate.. them.

9. This mama duck that's totally cool with someone helping her babies leave the nest.

Never lose faith in humanity, because we know how kind humans can be. #EverydayHero #Hellohumankindness…

10. This cow that is basically a big-ass dog.

11. This raccoon that has nothing but love for the stuffed animal made in its likeness.

just incase you were having a bad day look how happy this raccoon is with his stuffed raccoon 😭 😭


12. Proof that baby donkeys should be appreciated more.

13. This giraffe that's you when you're drunk.

When u look in the mirror at the club drunk and u realize u a snack

14. This calf that's rubbing its freedom in EVERY dog's face.

15. These yearbook photos that are only right for this "school" of fish.

Today I took yearbook photos of my fish

16. This llama that's in custody waiting for its owner.

If you are missing this, please contact the Granby Police. No, we are not kidding.

17. Finally, this human in a dog costume grocery shopping...obviously.

...because that can't be a dog right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯