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17 Cute Tweets About Every Animal Except Dogs

No offense though because dogs are amazing.

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1. This adorable-ass pig inception that'll warm your heart.

@BabyAnimalPics / Via Twitter: @BabyAnimalPics

2. This unlikely couple that are two peas in a pod.

I got Kiwi a lil goth gf 🖤💛💚

@painthands / Via Twitter: @painthands

3. This beautiful Savannah cat you should maybe do research on before getting.

@Billionaires / Via Twitter: @BiIlionaires

4. These roosters that need to be detained to ride in peace.

Roosters evacuating Key West in paper burritos so they don't fight each other.

@ProducerKen / Via Twitter: @ProducerKen

5. This hedgehog that just needs a little helping hand.

Gave Peanut a bath and after drying him he stuck out his hand for me to hold😭

@lebaneseplease / Via Twitter: @lebaneseplease

6. This parrot that's leaving its footprint in the kitchen.

roommate: " try to not make any noise when you come home late" *Me at 4am looking for a bottle of water*

@Princessofwifi / Via Twitter: @Princessofwifi

7. These newborn ~nutsacks~ that are cute as hell.

My hedgehog had babies last night & they are about the cutest lil nutsacks I've ever seen 💗

@painthands / Via Twitter: @painthands

8. These photos of calves you can't help but appreciate.

Hey there... Take a moment to appreciate.. them.

@HeroFelicia / Via Twitter: @HeroFelicia

9. This mama duck that's totally cool with someone helping her babies leave the nest.

Never lose faith in humanity, because we know how kind humans can be. #EverydayHero #Hellohumankindness…

@DignityHealth / Via Twitter: @DignityHealth

10. This cow that is basically a big-ass dog.

@Koksalakn / Via Twitter: @Koksalakn

11. This raccoon that has nothing but love for the stuffed animal made in its likeness.

just incase you were having a bad day look how happy this raccoon is with his stuffed raccoon 😭 😭

@tbhjustugly / Via Twitter: @tbhjustugIy

12. Proof that baby donkeys should be appreciated more.

@CuteEmergency / Via Twitter: @CuteEmergency

13. This giraffe that's you when you're drunk.

When u look in the mirror at the club drunk and u realize u a snack

@WomenAreCrazyAF / Via Twitter: @WomenAreCrazyAF

14. This calf that's rubbing its freedom in EVERY dog's face.


15. These yearbook photos that are only right for this "school" of fish.

Today I took yearbook photos of my fish

@AlecPloof / Via Twitter: @AlecPloof

16. This llama that's in custody waiting for its owner.

If you are missing this, please contact the Granby Police. No, we are not kidding.

@GranbyCTPolice / Via Twitter: @GranbyCTPolice

17. Finally, this human in a dog costume grocery shopping...obviously.

@ashleenn_ / Via Twitter: @ashleenn_

...because that can't be a dog right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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