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    An Artist Recreated Tom’s Fails From “Tom And Jerry” As Hilarious Sculptures

    Spoiler alert: Tom gets hurt.

    You all know Tom and Jerry, the famous cat and mouse cartoon where one of them (usually Tom) ends up in a lot of pain.


    These sculptures come from Taku Inoue, a Tokyo based director of games, movies and commercials.


    Taku Inoue / MGM

    And as a hobby Taku creates these hilarious sculptures based on Tom's painful failures.


    Taku Inoue / MGM

    "A lot of people have seen (my sculptures) and I'm very surprised," Taku told BuzzFeed. "Tom and Jerry had a big impact on my childhood, it's influential to my creative work."


    Taku Inoue / MGM

    It's amazing to see what was originally hand-drawn made into a hand-made sculpture.


    Taku Inoue / MGM

    And just like the cartoon, Tom's misfortune equals our laughter.


    And for those unfamiliar with the cartoon, (looking at you Gen-Z'ers) luck has very rarely been on Tom's side.


    Taku Inoue / MGM

    "I'm very happy to see new Tom and Jerry fans created as a result of my work! Thank you Hanna-Barbera!"


    Taku Inoue / MGM

    Follow @inouetable on Twitter to see more amazing sculptures and Tom and Jerry fan art!


    Taku Inoue

    The artists statements have been edited for clarity.

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