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    Here Are 17 “SpongeBob” Memes, Ranked From Worst To Best

    This meme round-up isn't a joke.

    Pajama Kid (honorable mention)

    18. Bad directions:

    When someone gives you directions but you still go the wrong way

    Explanation: This meme is only relatable to people with a poor sense of direction. It's funny, but it doesn't have any staying power.

    17. Proper SpongeBob:

    when u first start talking to someone and u act all proper bc u ain't sure when u can start being weird

    Explanation: Extremely relatable meme, but there isn't too much you can do here caption-wise besides what already exists.

    16. Tough SpongeBob:

    15. You Already Know What TF Is Going On:

    You already know what the fuck is going on

    Explanation: This one is pretty niche and is a lot more work intensive than your average meme and that alone demands the utmost respect. Few people actually know "what the fuck is going on," but the ones that know, know.

    14. Surprised Patrick:

    Explanation: This is an early classic SpongeBob meme that really thrived as a visual without text. You had to be an advanced memer to take part in this one. It was funny to see Patrick superimposed on images freaking out.

    13. Give me the formuloli:

    Explanation: To see one of the funniest moments from SpongeBob SquarePants be turned into a music video is unforgettable. Once again you had to be advanced to be involved here. RIP Vine.

    12. Bikini Bottom Crowd:

    a groupchat on the 1st day vs a groupchat on the 2nd day

    Explanation: There have been different variations of this meme, but they all usually tie into some aspect of socializing. Relatable and funny, but not the most versatile.

    11. Squidward Dabbing:

    10. The "Boi" Meme:

    9. Sleeping Squidward:

    When you're falling asleep in class but then remember how much tuition is

    Explanation: This meme was usually geared toward students for waking up in a panic, but it was great to see people change the order of Squidward's eyes.

    8. The "Is mayonaisse an instrument?" meme:

    Explanation: This is honestly just a random one, but this meme found a way to resurface and re-brand itself every year. Don't be a knucklehead though. With great memes come great responsibility.

    7. Krusty Krab VS. Chum Bucket

    Explanation: This is a fairly new meme, but we'll see how long it lasts. You can only take two things and compare them, which is hilarious. Even Texas Roadhouse joined in on this one.

    6. Savage Patrick:

    Me making plans in the group chat knowing I’m not gonna show up anyway

    Explanation: These memes eventually ended up taking a really dirty turn, but hilarious nonetheless. If a cartoon meme doesn't slightly ruin your childhood is it even a meme?

    5. Doodlebob:

    Explanation: Besides being one of the best episodes of SpongeBob seeing DoodleBob's "me hoy minoy" making the rounds on social media has been an honor to witness. Especially because one of DoodleBob's random "words" transcended the episode.

    4. Caveman SpongeBob:

    when ur at the doctors office with ur mom and the doctor asks if you're sexually active

    Explanation: This meme somehow accurately represents being in a precarious situation. This is the first SpongeBob meme that went extremely viral that had nothing to do with the show. That's when they work best. So many different scenarios came as a result of this primitive SpongeBob.

    3. mOCKinG spONGEbOB memE:

    Him: *leaves me on delivered last night* Him this morning: "good morning beautiful" Me: gOOd MOrIng beAuTiFul

    Explanation: This meme became the petty replacement for "u mad?...or nah," which was a feat I thought was impossible. There's really no way to win once you see someone type what you type "liKE tHIs," it's funny though.

    2. Naked SpongeBob:

    Me: I should change my bed sheets Me after changing one pillow case:

    Explanation: This is such an amazing meme! I think everyone can relate to doing the bare minimum and still being exhausted as a result. It would be number one because of the concept alone, but it hasn't stood the test of internet time yet.

    1. Mr. Krab Blur:

    when you about to enter the gates of heaven and somebody screams "CHECK THE TWEETS GOD"

    Explanation: This meme is basically a blank canvas for your imagination. Ideas just really ran wild on this one. Every meme has an overall theme, but this was the most versatile. It can mean you're feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, scared, or confused. The dust has settled since its initial explosion, but it was a defining moment for SpongeBob memes.