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    6 Fresh AF Ways To Style Your Locs

    Because there's nothing dreadful about having locs.

    Are you locked with your locs? BuzzFeed’s Top Knot recently teamed up with the amazing hairstylist Camille to give one man six different ways to style his long locs.

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    1. Rock the classic protective style, Straight Back Cornrows.

    2. Have a party in the back and handle business in the front with the Front Prep Fishtail.

    3. Wear the Prep Fishtail Full if you want to go for a cleaner look.

    4. Try the Front Twist & Ponytail for a relaxed braided back look.

    5. For the days you feel like embracing your royal roots, braid your hair into the Loc Crown.

    6. And finally, for the tender-headed, try out the-easier-on-the-scalp Loc Rolls.

    Honestly, they're all fresh AF. It would be a shame to let ANY of these dope looks go to waste.

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