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    Updated on Nov 30, 2018. Posted on Jun 28, 2018

    21 Tweets Anybody That Isn’t Currently In A Loving Relationship Will Understand

    "My mom just asked this guy for his number for me..."

    1. When the spirit is strong, but the flesh is weak:

    Girl did you get to talk to him? Yeah girl we good now

    2. When your mom knows how lonely you are:

    my mom just asked this guy for his number for me ......

    3. When you make a great impression on your dates' parents:

    [First date] Her dad: I want her home before midnight Me: but you already own her home Dad: *turning to daughter* if you don't sleep with him, I will

    4. When things get weird on dating apps:

    so no one told you life was gonna be this way

    5. Then when you start getting cold feet about further using dating apps:

    Dating apps should show you how many times someone has deleted the app so we know who's really losing their mind.

    6. But then when you find a reason to ultimately stay:

    Re downloaded tinder and I’m swiping right on anyone who looks like they have a boat

    7. The way your confidence works when you see your crush:

    Life is short. If you have a crush on someone, walk right up to them then a little past them and just keep going it’s probably not worth it

    8. The internal dialogue you have when you start developing a crush:

    me realizing i have a crush on someone

    9. When you know you found true love:

    Sooo I was SUPER nervous for my first date with this guy tonight and then an hour before our date he sent me a snap video saying “wish me luck on my date buddy” and panned to his dog handshaking him. In that moment I knew he was a keeper

    10. When you're awkward on the first date:

    FRIEND: Just don’t be awkward on the first date. ME: Awkward? I’m never awkward. [on the date] ME: Will you walk me to the bathroom?

    11. When your friends are there to support you:

    one time I went on a date with someone I met online and during the date I looked over and saw my best friends with wigs on. I couldn’t stop laughing which is probably why I didn’t get a second date😭

    12. When you and your date are clearly not moving at the same pace:

    Date: Do you see yourself having kids? Me: Oh no. Nonono. No way. No. Good god no. Date: Well...I do... Me: ... Date: ... Me: ... Date: ...

    13. And there is absolutely no chemistry:

    [first date] her: me: her: me: is your dad scary be honest

    14. And when you know things won't work out:

    [first date] Him: *dabs pizza grease with napkin Me: i think we should see other people

    15. When you realize people are full of shit...

    You men are something else, I tell ya

    16. ...and you're sick and tired of it:

    17. When you have your priorities straight:

    I skipped school to go to sleep

    18. When you don't have anyone to hang out with:

    when neither of my two friends are free to hang out

    19. When your ex is being petty:

    my ex just snapchatted me saying “look what I found in my wallet” and it was video of him throwing a Polaroid of me in the trash...... okay JOE ur the weirdo who kept a picture of me in your wallet for a year lmao

    20. When you realize the world is a really small place:

    14 years ago I sat in the audience at the UniverSoul Circus. Now, at age 20, I have dated nothing but clowns!😀 Crazy how life works!

    21. Finally, when you've reached the point of no return:

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