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    21 Amazing Images From Artists That’ll Make You Thankful Twitter Is Free

    Thankful that Twitter is free.

    1. This impressive animated and live-action hybrid:

    2. This eerily beautiful scene:

    3. This painting of the modern day drink of choice:

    They keep callin me "Hood Picasso"....he aint have shit on me tho 🤷🏾‍♂️

    4. This realistic rendering of water:

    Happy with the outcome of my first attempt at creating running water.

    5. This wonderful experiment with physics:

    Been working on some rough animation block-ins and experimenting with some clothing physics.

    6. These awesome compilations of mermaids:

    #mermay is over! I couldn't complete the entire month but I had a lot of fun ☀️

    7. This Zbrush rendering of Afropunk attendees:

    #AFROPUNK #afropunk2016 see you there 😀

    8. These 30 hour illustrations whose reward meets the risk:

    The illustrations where I spent the most time painting. Maybe 30 hours each? Hard to find time to make those lately.

    9. This amazing drawing of a Samurai's armor:

    Feels good drawing a samurai again.

    10. This 3-D painting that brings a beautiful illustration to life:

    Recreating some of my favorite illustrations ever created just so that I can hang out in them is one of the most rewarding parts of @tiltbrush

    11. This BTS rendering of a painting that makes you really appreciate the added color:

    a little bit of the process of this painting, the drawing was done in procreate and then imported into photoshop!

    12. This ~colorful~ illustration of Chance The Rapper:

    Illustration inspired by #chancetherapper cuz he's the truth mane #ColoringBook #lilchano @chancetherapper

    13. This round-up of masterfully done illustrations:

    14. This rough sketch and final painting of Logic's album cover:

    This is the 1st sketch I sent @logic301 for the Everybody cover art. The "map" to figure out where everyone would go

    15. This dreamy black and white illustration:

    16. This tedious supermarket scene:

    i think i died colouring all the tiny items one by one

    17. These paintings of nature that'll make you want to set up camp:

    Some paintings I did af Bill Cone’s workshop this past weekend at Pt. Reyes! wish the sun had showed up though :’)

    18. These colorful portraits that are so beautiful it hurts:

    #ペン画を流してペン画民を増やそう カラーペンもいいですよ!

    19. This embroidery process that is gorgeous:

    20. This mastery of leaves:

    hi, hello! i'm a freelance comic artist/illustrator and i draw a whole lot of leaves #visiblewomen

    21. And finally this scene that is equally stunning as it is eerie:

    ✨🌞✨ Acrylic on Synthetic Textile, 57.5 x 80”, 2018. On view at Kaikai Kiki Gallery, Tokyo.