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    17 Food Fails That’ll Crack You Up And Slightly Ruin Your Holiday Spirit

    Santa probably doesn't want those cookies.

    1. These "snowblobs" that look like they've been through a lot...

    2. ...and these "snowglobs" that suffered the same fate.

    3. These festive apples.

    4. This reindeer themed dessert, I think?

    5. This gingerbread house that's under construction.

    6. This really unappetizing dessert with turkey art icing...

    7. ...and this dessert that makes the dessert above look a lot better.

    8. These Christmas cookies that hopefully taste better than they look.

    9. These cookies that don't look like cookies.

    10. This eggplant that was burnt beyond comprehension.

    11. This bundt cake that looks nothing like the example.

    12. These gingerbread cookies that should've had a louder timer.

    13. These Christmas tree cookies that look more like bushes.

    14. This crime scene of what was supposed to be gravy.

    15. This hot fudge pudding that's overflowing.

    16. This gingerbread tree that looks nothing like the one on the box.

    17. Finally, this cupcake tree that's making this elf avert its eyes.