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30 Forgotten Toys...

I was on E-bay the other day searching for some long lost toy friends when I noticed I had forgotten about so many favorite toys. Sure we all remember Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...but what about the Adventures of Bucky O'Hare??? Feel free to add your favorites to the bottom.

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  • The Adventures of Bucky O'Hare

  • Mantech

  • Kinda like Battle Beasts and Monsters in my Pockets but way cooler. The trash bag would melt in water revealing your new toy...exciting!

  • Mad Balls

    I have the Baseball one at home, but I really want the Green one!

  • You could mutilate this toy and then put it back together and it totally worked...for about five minutes...

  • McDonald's Changeables

  • Silver Hawks