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5 Peaceful Protests That Pissed Off Dictators

"Humor melts fear. Fear is the air that dictators breathe. Without fear dictators cannot survive" - Srdja Popovic

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1. North Korea Invaded by Balloons


North Korea 2014

To counter the North Korean government's extreme censorship helium balloons were launched from South Korea into North Korea, each one containing technological tools carrying educational information.

2. Pussy Riot Rock Out in Church


Russia 2012

Five members of Pussy Riot pissed off Russian authorities when they staged a punk rock performance in an Orthodox Christian church in Moscow. They were protesting the church leader's support of Vladamir Putin. Three of the approximately eleven members of Pussy Riot have served time in prison for peaceful protests.

3. Iranians Lip-Sync Pharell's "Happy" (and get arrested)

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Iran 2014

To protest against the extreme oppressive rule of the Iranian regime several friends created a satirical music video to Pharell's song "Happy". Iranian authorities reacted by arresting them, but the online world appealed for their release by making #FreeHappyIranians go viral.

4. North Korean Website Hacked


North Korea 2013

Social media accounts associated with the North Korean government were hacked by activists and this satirical "Wanted" poster portraying Kim Jong Un as a pig was uploaded on the Flickr account.

5. Russia Bans Toys from Protesting


Russia 2012

A rally using toys to protest against corruption and electoral malpractice in Russia scares Russian authorities so badly they ban similar protests, stating that the toys are not citizens of Russia.

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