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    • Response to Do You Actually Know Pixar Characters?:

      The monsters Inc character before George is named Fungus, actually! I chose Frank because he’s voiced by Frank Oz. Also, really thought Splashdown was Thunderhead, I guess they just look very similar! 13/19, I feel like I still failed.

    • Peaceroxi

      1. Early in the film, a magic spell drops the language barrier so Pocahontas and John can communicate.
      2. Most of the toys that didn’t talk weren’t human or animal, nor possessed mouths. Andy’s toys were probably too traumatized by his “experiments” to speak.
      3. He became a Prince in name, everything constructed wasn’t real, and went away when the Genie was freed.
      4. I have no idea for this one. Maybe time passes differently in the human world vs the monster world. Her parents could have been looking for her, for all we know, since we never see them.
      5. Russell’s parents were divorced, and his father re-married.
      6. Guessing here again. Freaking out, planning, etc.
      7. If you want to be technical with that, how did anyone talk underwater? How did certain things not simply float away? Also, she’s magic, remember?
      8. The original draft of the film had Ursula as Triton’s sister. She was banished, well, because she’s evil and did something evil?
      9. Manic pixie dream girl effect.
      10. What do you think she ate down there? It’s like how we have animals as pets, but different animals for food.
      11. His embryo was damaged as it was growing. Many humans can have birth defects if something happens to the mother during pregnancy, as well.
      12. His monstrous instincts took over. He’d spent so long as a beast that he forgot how to act human. He knew, but had to re-learn.
      13. Because she’s evil.
      14. She wouldn’t have, and they couldn’t actually say so because Disney, or she would have because it was a magic sleep. Leaning towards the second one since this is a particularly dark film at times.
      15. The same reason why children with abusive parents don’t run away. She’s been conditioned to it, has no place else to go, and doesn’t dare face the consequences that come with defiance. Complying with their wishes is the easiest.
      16. That canoe was wrecked when Bagheera found it. His parents were most likely killed, and sent their baby away in hope that he would live.
      17. He had a special “mind” if you will, which allowed him to develop a sort of sentience and live on by keeping himself busy, instead of shutting down like the other robots of his kind.
      18. They’re miners. They probably sell them.
      19. This was after Hades kidnapped Herc and turned him mortal himself. (With the help of Pain and Panic.) Why would Zeus tell him he’s still alive? He knew by now that Hades was trying to kill him.
      20. Bob and Helen were no longer technically registered as superheroes, and plus, the government didn’t particularly like supers anyway.
      21. His name was Taka. The source of this is from the storybook tie-ins to the film about Mufasa and Scar’s past.
      22. More “friends” in the sense of Cruella De Vil was Anita’s schoolmate, and found it easy to take advantage of her for her own gain, under the guise of pretending they were friends and she cared about her.
      23. It’s magic hair.
      24. It was still an eternal winter. Places can be below freezing without snow being present.

      Some of these are facts, some are inferences, and some are educated guesses, but there you go.

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