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    • pdx12000

      who remembers Now Explosion from 1970 on WTCG? How about the Bread Basket drive-up convenience store on Cheshire-Bridge? Don’t forget the legendary Harry Baron’s, first at La Vista & Briarcliff then Phipps Plaza? Then there were the concrete Joel Chandler Harris/Uncle Remus characters placed throughout a roofless/open-air Lenox Square. The Sans-Souci and Brave-Falcon Lounge? Plaza Drugs? Alexander-Stinsons? 15 cent Marta fare? Mr Pix, Popeye Club, In2ition. Alex Cooley’s Electric Ballroom, The Great Southeast Music Hall. Leb’s Seafood Restaurant. Silver Coin, Joker’s Palace, Wizard’s arcades. LUckie Street, Forrest Avenue, Techwood Drive. Jiggs Mc Donald, Skinny Bobby Harper, Andy Still. Guy Sharpe, Johnny Beckman, Thom Boyd, Chuck Moore, Jim Axel.

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