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    16 Signs You’re A True ARTHUR Fan

    Do you remember how every day you would race down the street, ignoring everyone you’d meet, to watch a show with an original point of view? If so, this list is for you! If you can identify with these qualities, you’re a true ARTHUR fan!

    1. You can ace a spelling test, as long as every word is “Aardvark.”

    2. You have a running debate with your friends about who really stole D.W.’s snowball.

    3. You know the key to having fun.

    4. You appreciate classic works of literature.

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    5. You nicknamed your local hangout spot “The Sugar Bowl.”

    6. You’re an expert on peanut allergies—a condition that affects even the toughest of customers!

    7. You’ve had the Crazy Bus song stuck in your head since 1998.

    8. On New Year’s Eve, some people watch the ball drop. You stay up to see the Green Flash.

    9. You have an extensive vocabulary.

    10. When anything weird happens, you immediately blame aliens.

    11. Despite all the homework, you secretly wish Mr. Ratburn was your 3rd grade teacher.

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    12. You’re afraid of green potato chips.

    13. You wish you had your own Bailey.

    14. You’ve designed an Arthurized version of yourself, in case you were ever asked to guest star.

    15. You know you can get through even scary experiences with the support of your friends and family.

    16. And, no matter how many times you’ve heard it, you will never, ever get sick of the theme song.

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    You identified with all of these, didn't you? We KNEW you were a true ARTHUR fan!

    Now there's a new way to experience the PBS KIDS show that changed your childhood: the ARTHUR Family Health Website. Featuring your favorite Elwood City characters, this mobile-friendly website offers games, parent- and kid-friendly videos, and other resources designed to help parents and educators talk to kids about important health issues. Check it out!

    Just one more way to ensure that kids and families have a happy, healthy, and wonderful kind of day!