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    Why Is More Than 1.3 Billion Tons Of Food Not Making To Dining Tables? What’s The Solution?

    Every year 30 million tons of food is wasted in the United States only. This weighs more than 573 titanic ships. The global wastage of perfectly healthy food in an excellent condition is 1.3 billion tons. Before explaining why this massive amount of food is not making to the dining tables, it is important to make you aware of the dire consequences of food going to dumping ground. This graveyard of healthy food is accelerating global warming and climate change by producing an alarming amount of greenhouse gases. The food that is not being utilized to feed hungry people is the 3rd biggest source of greenhouse gases.

    Why Is Such A Huge Quantity Of Food Being Wasted?

    Poor planning is at the top of the list when we count reasons behind committing this sin of wasting food that can save lives. Preparing or purchasing too much food, poor industrial processing and failure in keeping up with food safety policies and long supply chains are other major causes of food wastage worldwide.

    15 million, this is the number of East African children not getting enough to eat. So, it is extremely important to purchase, serve and eat food wisely.

    What Are The Possible Solutions?

    •Improved production demand balance

    •Improved harvesting, processing, storage and distribution of food

    •Buying and preparing with a plan

    •Food waste reduction initiatives

    •Recycling food

    Any Better Solution?

    There are many NGO's or people working to overcome this problem but I found that Delicia is the best among those. It perhaps one of the best utilization of the latest technology, Blockchain technology. This global food network will not only reduce wastage of food, it has potential to bring total elimination of food being wastage in restaurants, hotels and stores. This is achieved by efficient utilization of food stocked in hotels, restaurants and stores. It’s a simple concept.

    One restaurant purchased and prepared more than required quantity of food. Soon, the food will be deprived of its quality and taste. However, by selling this excess and soon to expire food which is still healthy and tasty, the restaurant will not only prevent wastage of food but also make money. However, this is possible only when the seller is quickly able to find the nearest buyer who is running out of stock.

    This is where Delicia comes into play and no doubt Delicia is the best solution for eliminating wastage of food in hotels and restaurants.