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3,500 Of The Most Buzzed Video Headlines From Local Sources

This list, approximately 10 headlines per day for the entire year of 2011, may shed some insight into the "viral" news business and the appetites of its consumers. Some of these headlines are hilarious, some are shocking, and some make you think you hear a voice telling you to "Build an Ark"...

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Full list with links to video here:

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Top 50:

Principal Allegedly Caught on Tape Having Sex

TMZ: Miley Cyrus Tokes On Bong On Video

Boy body slams bully

Gilbert Teen a Playboy Sensation

Record Sized Boobs

Officer caught having sex on duty

London museum goes wild with animal sex exhibit

Company creates 'hack' sex game for Xbox Kinect

Parents Say Late Son's Unit Led Bin Laden Attack

Bin Laden Killed - Inside The Compound

Teenage Girls Sold As Sex Slaves

Couple get married naked

16 charged with gang rape of girl, 11

Video Essay: Transgender Vet Returns to Base

Sexy Russian Spy To Host TV Show

Raw Video: Fire, Aftermath Bin Laden Compound

Sex Slavery & Massage Parlors

Google First Ever Science Fair

Corporal Punishment: Should Paddling Be Banned?

VIDEO: Shark jumps over surfer

Naked woman rescued from San Diego cliff

Bus Driver Attacked

Defiant Kadhafi orders crushing of Libyan revolt

Teen Mom's Vicious Girl Fight

Giant Lizard Gets Lost, Reunited With Owner

Cross-eyed Opossum Catches Public's Gaze

Cullman Woman Survives Being Inside A Tornado

D.C. Lobbyist Found Dead Inside Burning Car

Incredible video of tsunami wave hitting Japan town

Facebook bullies

Stadium Bounces Under Weight of Fans

Rio celebrates wild, sexy Carnival

Teen bullying caught on tape

Stringbike: a New Take on an Old Concept

Sex Abuse, Blackmail Victim Speaks Out

Outburst at Sister's Rape, Death

Security or Sex Crimes

Dior's Galliano hit by fresh anti-Semitism charges

Delray Nudists Fight For Place In Beach

Massive Quake Triggers Tsunami in Japan

White House: bin Laden Not Armed When Killed

Australian flash flood washes away cars

Suspects in Armored Car Cases in Court

A Look Inside bin Laden's Compound

Are kids experimenting with sex at an earlier age?

Male Model Detained in NYC Castration Death

Man Accused Of Raping Wife

Raw Video: Fight Outside Casey Anthony Trial

New terror suspect laws

Full 2011 list here:

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