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Here's What Will Go Down At Today's Conservative Caucus Meeting

It's like a family reunion, only right after the family went bankrupt.

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So what happens today? First off, as Stephen Harper steps down there are eight people fighting to become temporary leader.

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Each person will have three minutes to make their case for why they should lead the party and get the perks (an $80,000 pay raise, a car and driver, a house) that come with the gig.

Maybe the most interesting pitch comes from Calgary's Michelle Rempel and Quebec's Denis Lebel, who are hoping to become joint-leaders. How would that work? Who would live in the official residence? Who would win out in disagreements? No one knows.

Speaking of things no one knows...

No one knows who's actually going to be able to vote for the leadership.

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Thanks to Michael Chong's reform bill passed this year, senators aren't supposed to be able to vote in a leadership race. They are not happy about this. (PICTURED ABOVE: Conservative Senator Don Plett being not happy.)

But there's a twist! Caucus first needs to vote on banning senators from voting. So technically the senators could call for a vote to switch the order of votes. That way they'd vote on the leadership, then vote on banning them from voting on the leadership... which already happened.

If this sounds absurd and confusing, it's because it is. The simple version is the Senators are going to fight to be heard, and no one knows if they'll win.

Then there's the airing of grievances.


Conservatives are not happy about how the campaign went. In recent weeks more and more Conservatives have been speaking up about the things they didn't like about Harper's style of governing.

Well, now they get to raise their concerns to Harper himself for the first (and probably last) time since the election. We can only imagine everyone will feel better after they get some stuff off their chests.

And finally, there's the glorious farewell of Stephen Harper.

Harper enters Parl thru shipping entrn used by recycling trucks, makes way to caucus in freight elevator #cdnpoli

In theory, Harper is sticking around as an MP. But it's a very short list of prime ministers who have stuck around as opposition MPs, and many people suspect he'll resign his seat soon.

What will Harper tell his team? And will they be angry? Will it be a love-in?

Stay tuned. BuzzFeed Canada will be outside pressing our ears against the meeting room door.*

*(until security kicks us out.)

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