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RCMP Entertain Children By Wielding Assault Rifles And Dragging A Shirtless Man Through A Car Window

Fun for the whole family.

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It seems they've updated the program this year, according to video taken this weekend in Ottawa. At one point, a random masked man runs into what appears to be a misplaced pantry as the RCMP chase down a truck.

Forget the Red Serge, officers wearing green assault team outfits and holding machine guns jump out and surround the vehicle.

While this might seem like a bit of a departure from the old Musical Ride, at least they set the takedown to a Tragically Hip song.

The "emergency response team" then pulls the guy out of the window and throws him to the ground as the announcer mocks him with a taunt of "apparently sand is good for your skin."

They also drop a smoke bomb for reasons that are unexplained, considering the guy is sitting in his car with his hands up.


One person who attended the Ottawa show wrote a blog post declaring the spectacle to be "A Tasteless, Jingoistic, Paramilitary Embarrassment."

Journalist and author Frank Koller wrote:

... within minutes of the show's opening – and well before the amazing horses performed their fantastic routines – the audience is treated to a bombastic, paramilitary show-and-tell that had many adults around us shaking their heads in bewilderment. And a few little kids crying too.

The YouTube video of the show is also generating online reaction.

Wow, I would have been out of there in minutes if I had taken kids to watch the musical ride and ended up w this

How do they explain the rest of the RCMP Musical Ride to children? It’s just as much an expression of state power as the anti-terror bit.

However, some have pointed out that the anti-terror bit has likely been part of the show for a while.

BREAKING: The smoke-grenade anti-terrorism bit at the RCMP musical ride appears to be several years old — and popular with audiences.

You can watch the whole thing yourself here:

View this video on YouTube

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