Former Sun News Personalities Are Selling "Fuck ISIS" Swag After The Paris Attacks

    Anti-ISIS hats, mugs and t-shirts are on sale for $25 apiece.

    Five days after 129 people were murdered in shootings across Paris coordinated by the terrorist group ISIS, someone registered the website

    Moments after his tweet promoting the store, Levant retweeted a message mocking slacktivism.

    BuzzFeed Canada asked Levant several times how much money The Rebel makes off of each $25 purchase. He wouldn't say.

    Levant said his separate charitable efforts have raised over $100,000 in the past year, including $9,000 for Refugee Challenge.

    Levant declined to answer whether he thought the sale was in bad taste, but shortly after made a public defence.

    Normal people find funny, patriotic or profane. But the Media Party is outraged. (They liked Fuck Harper though).