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    • paulle

      Most of you Creator deniers are like petulant children. Ive never seen so many ignorant and self appointed tyrants gathered in one single forum, frothing from the mouth, demanding that the most profound and consequencial questions have been answered!! That the conversation must be over and any desenters loaded onto trains and sent to concentration camps. Rings so loudly of Marx and Lenin and want to be Algore! Of course this observation comes as a shock to you as no one is as self-unaware as the self righteous. Along with many other flaws in your character, most of you must face the fact that your education has exceeded your intellect. Evolution only explains transitions from one life form to another. Evolution has no explanation for how life got started in the first place. Darwin was very clear about this. Dawkins as well. >Evolution Morons< all of you. Hopefully this is enough to make most of your heads explode, regardless survival of the fittest demands your eventual extinction. Promising the rest of us intelligent conversation regarding
      our intelligent design. Now, shuffle of to your willful demise.

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