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Manny Pacquiao's Mom Becomes An Internet Sensation

Manny Pacquiao may have won the fight, but his mom won the internet.

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Manny Pacquiao's mom has had a reputation for being pretty edgy during the champ's boxing matches (...and also the rest of the time).

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And while it'd been told of how the religious matriarch incessantly prays while her son is in the ring...

Last night everyone finally got a glimpse of what Mrs. Dionisia Pacquiao goes through during Manny's fights.

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And the world just wasnt ready for Pacmom


Reactions on Twitter invoked voodoo and dark magic.

Others blamed Pacmom for zany things that have happened in other sports.

Here she is making Tristan Thompson fall.

Oh, and Bill Gramatica's injury.

She even got Gandalf.

But all's well in the end. Manny won against Bradley and Pacmom took the hex off.

Let's hope she watches all of Manny's other fights.

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