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24 Things That Would Happen If "Inside Out" Was Set In The Philippines

Riley in Manila?

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1. Instead of San Francisco, Riley and her family will be moving to Manila from the probinsya.

2. In the city, Riley gets agitated because of the humidity. Also their stuff didn't arrive on time because the lipat bahay truck is stuck in EDSA.

3. In her head, in an area they call the Himpilan, her emotions — Saya, Lungkot, Galit, Takot, and Nakaka-sama Ng Sikmura — are having a giddy ol' time. The emotions manage Riley's core memories called in order to power five islands. The Pamilya, Kaibigan, Ugali, Wacky, and Patintero Islands.

4. When Saya triggers happy memories of her road-trip from the province, Riley sees all sorts of funny street signs. But when Lungkot touched the memory, Riley remembers the stress of being stuck in city traffic and becomes sad.

5. On the first day of school, Riley giddily introduces herself to her classmates and tells them how she's from the province. She is laughed at. This creates a sad memory in the Himpilan and Wacky Island is swallowed by a sinkhole into a dark region called the Limot dump.

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6. Taking action, Saya decides to dump the sad core memory. However, she struggles with Lungkot who knocks other memories out. This causes an imbalance in Riley's emotions just as she was having pancit for dinner with her parents.

7. Due to high levels of sass, Riley's dad is forced to put his foot down, which involves raising a slipper and a palo threat.

8. Riley's mom tells her to go to her room while raising an eyebrow at her husband who promptly asks "Anong ginawa ko?" before going back to imagining a recent basketball game.

9. Riley's mom rolls her eyes before herself, languishing in that memory of a pinoy military dude asking her to elope.

10. While fixing Riley's memories, Saya and Lungkot are sucked into a tube onto Long Term Memory, a hidden place never thought to exist. Riley is jolted and is reminded of an old TV commercial called nano-nano.

11. Seeking amends, Riley's dad goes up to her room, sits by her bedside, begins his statement with "Anak...", and goes on a no-holds-barred, 20-minute monologue about life and the pursuit of happiness. Riley pretends to sleep.

12. Saya and Lungkot encounter Bing Bong, Riley's childhood imaginary friend whom she crafted after Batibot characters.

13. Bing Bong has a pedicab that's powered by the song, "Sitsiritsit Alibangbang". Saya and Lungkot wonder why the lady in the song would exchange her baby for bagoong. So much for parenting but oh well...

14. Bing Bong helps Saya and Lungkot by leading them onto a shortcut called the MRTrain of Thought, which is unfortunately broken again.

15. Meanwhile, Riley gets frustrated chatting with her childhood friend, Lengleng, because of an argument about how JaDine is better than AlDub. Kaibigan Island is desolated by spews of volcanic ash.

16. When Bing Bong's pedicab is thrown into the Limot dump, he realizes that his only connection to Riley will be forgotten. Lungkot empathizes with Bing Bong but reminds him, "Walang forever!"

17. At school, Riley wants to play patintero but her classmates think it's too promdi and prefer playing clan games on their mobile devices. A faultline on Patintero Island is earthquaked into a shambles.

18. Leading the Himpilan, Galit gives Riley memories of her days in the province — the fresh air, the warm breeze, the beaches. This gives her the idea of going full-stokwa! She sleeps on it.

19. While sleeping, Bing Bong gets locked up in Bangungot Land. Saya and Lungkot are forced to rescue him by pulling his big toe. They escape and buy softdrinks.

20. When she wakes up, Riley decides to run away. She steals money from her dad's pitaka. Ugali Island is swallowed by rising waters.

21. Finally the MRTrain of Thought is working. But — wait for it — it breaks down again! And this time Saya, Lungkot, and Bing Bong all fall into the Limot dump.

22. Bing Bong reunites with his pedicab in the dump but realizes that their weight prevents them from leaving and let's Saya and Lungkot take the pedicab out by themselves. Bing Bong completely fades away from Riley's memory. Sad.

23. Riley boards the bus intending to leave the city. After two hours, she's less than a kilometer away. This gives Saya and Lungkot enough time to fix her memories before Pamilya Island is illegally occupied by a foreign thought.

24. Riley returns home sobbing. Her parents tell her that they too miss the province but this pakikipagsapalaran is all for the family and could be a beautiful thing. They hug.

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