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20 Things Celebs Are Doing On Vine

Vine is all the rage these days. Here's what some celebs are doing with it.

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1. Asking other people to "vine"

by Tyler Posey

2. Making Selfies

by Josh Peck

3. Saying hello to fans

by Harry Styles (One Direction)

4. Dancing on the street

Finn Jones, aka Loras Tyrell on Game of Thrones

5. Bonding with your pet

by Gillian Jacobs

6. Bringing inanimate objects to life

by Tyra Banks

7. Preparing for an awards show

by Wilmer Valderrama

8. Shooting the backstage

by Seth Green

9. Vining with friends

by Emmy Rossum

10. Chillin with the fam

by Stephen Curry, NBA "All-Star"

11. Ziplining

by Lucy Hale

12. Giving pets a grand entrance

by Jesse Tyler Ferguson

13. Passing the boredom

by Maisie Williams

14. Making revelations

by Joe Jonas

15. Waking and baking

by Snoop Dogg

16. Getting attacked by a vacuum cleaner

by Tyler The Creator

17. Checking themselves out

by Adam Goldberg

18. Singing in the car

by Jimmy Fallon

19. Singing the Macarena

by Zach Braff

20. Working

by Kate Upton

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