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18 Most Remarkable World Records Broken In 2013

2013 saw numerous records broken. Here are some of the most remarkable ones.

1. Cat sets world's loudest purr

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Early in January, Merlin broke the record for loudest cat purr at 98dB.

2. Sky lantern record set in the Philippines

AP Photo/Wanlop Kiettijanon, Middle Way Meditation Institute, Philippines

With 15,185 lanterns lit, the University of the Philippine Visayas held the record for simultaneous skylantern release.

3. World's most expensive bacon sandwich


Priced at $235, the Bacon Bling sandwich has set the record for most expensive bacon sandwich. The sandwich contains a "rare breed bacon," eggs, black truffles, truffle oil, gold leaf, gold dust and saffron.

4. Smallest book printed in Japan

Handout / Via

Measuring 0.74 x 0.75 mm (0.0291 x 0.0295 in), Japan's Toppan Printing set a record in March for the smallest book ever published. It contains 22 pages, mostly with pictures of flowers.

5. Smallest stop motion film

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IBM set a record in April for "The Boy and His Atom" made with... wait for it.. atoms. It is the smallest stop motion film ever recorded.

6. Youngest pilot to circumnavigate the globe

The record for youngest pilot to circumnavigate the globe was broken three times this year. First by Captain James Anthony Tan of Malaysia who finished his circumnavigation in May (age 22), then by Jack Wiegand of Fresno, California who finished his circumnavigation in June (age 21). Ryan Campbell currently holds the record at age 19. He finished his circumnavigation in September.

7. Largest Lego Model


More than 5 million LEGO bricks were used to create a life sized replica of the Star Wars' X-wing fighter jet.

"The model weighs nearly 20,865 kilograms, stands 3.35 meters tall and 13.1 meters long, with a wingspan of 13.44 meters." source

8. Tightest parallel parking

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9. Most expensive game sold


At $190,000 Grid 2: Mono Edition became the most expensive game to ever be sold. It came with an actual car; the BAC Mono.

Tom Ziora /

10. Most claps in a minute

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Bryan Bednarek is the current record holder for most claps in a minute at 802.

11. Largest human no smoking sign

Stringer/Philippines / Reuters

13,892 people participated in the largest human no smoking sign at the Bicol University football field on June 28, 2013 in the Philippines.

12. Oldest person to climb Mount Everest

AP Photo/Shizuo Kambayashi

On May 23, 2013 Japan's Yuichiro Miura became the oldest person to reach the summit of Mount Everest at the age of 80. He had previously climbed the mountain in 2003 and 2008.

13. Largest fruit sculpture

Orange Julius teamed up with renowned fruit sculptor Shawn Feeney to create the largest fruit sculpture. The ten foot tall tree was made with 1,200 pieces of pineapple, orange, strawberry, peach and mango.

14. Largest pumpkin

Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group / MCT

California's lumber salesman Tim Mathison has grown the largest pumpkin to date at 2,032 pounds. It took him 105 days to grow the ginormous veggie.

15. Longest domino chain

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About 5000 books were used by a Belgian book association to set the largest domino book chain. It was made t

16. Fastest 100-meter run on all fours

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Kinichi Ito breaks his own record as the fastest man to run a 100-meter distance on all fours. His previous record, set last year, was 17.47 seconds. This year he finished at 16.87 seconds.

17. Largest ball pit

Aly Song / Reuters

Meanwhile in the Kerry Hotel in Shanghai, China, more than 1m balls were used to fill its 82x41 meter pool, and subsequently, the largest ball pit was created.

18. Largest floating Christmas tree

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In Rio de Janiero Brazil, the worlds largest floating Christmas tree was lit up recently. It stand 279 feet and uses 3.1 million lights.

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