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15 Common Movie Poster Themes

Ah yes, stereotypes; they're everywhere.

1. Lips for that suggestive sleaze

2. And ledges for superheroes

3. Strong female figures can do that awkward-twisting-contortion-thing to expose their backs (and bums) along with their faces...

4. Nothing Screams "Detachment" Like a Sturdy Bench

5. And nothing screams "We're in this together" like a good back-to-back pose

6. Blindfolds; because lady justice is involved.

7. A Blue Hue for Wildlife Documentaries

8. Yellow for that Indie Charm

9. Black and White (and Fire) means Action

10. Mosaic means Mystery

11. The "eye" imbues inner struggle

12. While oceans reflect inspiration

13. Action Thrillers clearly belong on a back alley

14. Trajan.

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15. And The Devil Has Great Legs

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