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    10 New Animals Discovered In 2013

    2013 was a great year in uncovering nature's diversity. Here are 10 of the coolest creatures to "debut" this year.

    Tigrina, Leopardus guttulus


    Although sharing the same features as that of the tigrina from Northern Brazil, scientists have discovered that the tigrina from Southern Brazil is a different species altogether.

    Olinguito, Bassaricyon neblina


    Living in the Andes mountains of Colombia, the Olinguito is a carnivorous mammal in the raccoon family.

    Walking Shark, Hemiscyllium halmahera

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    According to Voa News: "A new species of epaulet shark has been discovered in waters off a remote Indonesian island. Officially called Hemiscyllium halamhera, the shark was first seen by divers in 2008 as it 'walked' along sea floor, but has only now been identified as a new species."

    This vivid giant clam


    Discovered near the Solomon Islands and at Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia, this yet-to-be-named giant clam shares features similar to that of Tridacna clams but DNA shows they are a different specie

    Skeleton Shrimp, Liropus minusculus


    These terrifying creatures are known as skeleton shrimps. They have translucent bodies .

    This planthopper


    Although planthoppers -- tiny hopping insects -- aren't a new discovery, this is a mysterious one.

    Baturite Porcupine, Coendou baturitensis


    According to National Geographic: "The newly identified Baturite porcupine is now the seventh known species of prehensile-tailed porcupine, which is native to Central and South America. They’re herbivores and adept climbers that rest in tree canopies during the day and forage at night."

    Hopbeard Plunderfish, Pogonophryne neyelovi.


    According to Live Science: "In 2009-2010, Ukrainian mariners happened to pull up three fish that looked unfamiliar. Further analysis found that they were a previously undiscovered species, dubbed the hopbeard plunderfish and described in a study published online April 29 in the journal ZooKeys. The fish bear the scientific name Pogonophryne neyelovi."

    Omani owl


    Spotted in the mountainous regions of Oman, its unique hoot attracted ornithologist Magnus Robb who then was trying to record and catalogue the sound of a different creature, the Arabian owl.

    Pirate Ant, Cardiocondyla pirata


    Resembling that of a pirate's eyepatch, a new ant specie from the Philippines displays a unique pattern across its eye.

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