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Popular 90's Girl Names That No-One Cares About Anymore

According to's top 100 (1990s and 2013) these names are now dead and forgotten.

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Christina / Via

Like Christina's career, the name has also drifted into obscurity. But she was number 25 in the 90's.

Amanda / Via

It's best not to mention Amanda, this hot b***h was number 4 in the 90's.

Michelle / Via

(Poor) Michelle used to be up at number 22.

Jennifer / Via

Sassy Jennifer was number 8 in the 90's.



Naughty Nicole was number 13 in the 90's.

Amy / Via

Every class had three Amy's, she was number 38 in the 90's.

Kelly / Via

We aren't suprised Kelly has fallen out of favour, she was only number 41 back in the 90's.

Lindsey / Via

Nobody is stealing the name Lindsey anymore, but she was Number 69 in the 90's.

Ariel / Via

Perhaps due to the success of Disney's Little Mermaid, Ariel was number 95 in 90's.

Melanie / Via

Are people scared of the name Melanie? She was 86 in the 90's.

Rebecca / Via

THE ONLY reason why nobody wants to call their kid Rebecca anymore, but she was number 21 in the 90's

Whitney / Via

We miss Whitney, and she was number 60 in the 90's

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