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    7 Idiocracy Prophecies

    The flick Idiocracy goes down 500 years into the future. The smart people have all died off because they’re waiting to have kids. Meanwhile, the idiots keep banging and pooping out babies. Earth winds up being a cesspool of commercialism, advertising and idiots. The movie plot isn’t brilliant but all of the ridiculousness going on is: water can only be used in toilets, saying brand names and wearing logos make you money, everyone is tattooed with a barcode, and on and on. Funny eh? But how many “Idiocracy Prophecies” have come true? Read on my friend. Idiocracy Prophecy: A prediction of the future created by the movie Idiocracy that although ridiculous has actually been fulfilled to some extent in real life. via

    • 1. Mexican Garbage Avalanche

      Idiocracy Prophecy: “And in the year 2008, the great Guatemalan garbage avalanche set in motion the events that would change the world…” L-O-L, am I right? Prophecy Fulfilled: “July 26, 2008 At least four people died and 20 were missing in a Guatemala City garbage dump when a mountain of trash, including human remains, collapsed on people foraging there, emergency workers said.” Not LOL-ing anymore are you.

    • 2. Ow My Balls!

      Idiocracy Prophecy: “Ow! My Balls!” is predicted to be the #1 show on television. Best. Title. Ever. Prophecy Fulfilled: “Ow my balls!” hits the top five hundred list of games sold for iPhone. This wacky game boasts over 1.3 million downloads and 6.9 million “nut shots served.” Fo reals. Also worth mentioning, any Japanese game show and ABC’s “Wipeout” which on its premiere night, scored record ratings and averaged 2.7 groin shots per episode.

    • 3. African-American President

      Idiocracy Prophecy: African-American President Camacho Prophecy Fulfilled: In a good way. African-American President Obama

    • 4. Energy Drinks

      Idiocracy Prophecy: Ridiculous energy drinks like “Brawndo the thirst mutilator” Prophecy Fulfilled: Ridiculous energy drinks that will mutilate more than your thirst. I drank a Vemma once, I’ve been regular since.

    • 5. The Future of the Human Race

      Idiocracy Prophecy: The future of the human race (skip ahead to 1:58) Prophecy Fulfilled: “Demographic studies have indicated that in humans, fertility and intelligence tend to be negatively correlated, that is to say, the more intelligent, as measured by IQ, exhibit a lower total fertility rate than the less intelligent”.

    • 6. Language

      Idiocracy Prophecy: Language has devolved into a mix of grunts, slang, and valley girl. Prophecy Fulfilled: Wez doin right it hear and here with Bubb Rubb woo WOO!

    • 7. Retail Awesomeness

      Idiocracy Prophecy: General retail awesomeness from companies like Costco and Starbucks. You can even get the “EXTRA BIG ASS TACO” from Carl’s Jr. Prophecy Fulfilled: We have plenty of retail awesomeness from the likes of Quiznos, Bacardi and Carl’s Jr. You can even have a “BIG AZ BURGER” at your nearest gas station. Warning: may contain cat bone fragments.