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    • paulh8

      Felt like having a stab. 1. yes
      2. no
      3. yes
      4. it doesn’t, entropy can increase or decrease at any one point in a closed system, not a problem - this law refers to the entire system.
      5. the earth rotates
      6. see 4
      7. I don’t know, what?
      8. nowhere, no such thing
      9. yes
      10. okay
      11. some of them do, but mostly because there’s no evidence to support it
      12. yes there are, there are many examples
      13. as much as any biological process, yes.
      14. you’re confusing the word theory with hypothesis, easy mistake 15. same as 14 + a misunderstanding of the word science.
      16. most genetic mutations, billions of examples - e.g. yearly flu vaccine.
      17. none
      18. there are many examples - not sure how only having one would change the fact there is one anyway.
      19. no, thankfully you don’t need faith or belief to be convinced of things
      20. The builder paradox, you’d be surprised how easy it is to not.
      21. what? I think you misunderstood what the big bang theory says - there was no exploding star.
      22. we didn’t, they are our cousins - we have a common ancestor.

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