12 Things That Made You Anxious In 1st Grade

These are the the triggers you forgot about. Here comes the anxiety.

1. Crab Soccer

Because you didn’t even have a handle on regular soccer yet.

2. Game Boy running out of battery during a road trip

3. Books longer than 100 pages

4. Getting stuck next to “The Nose Picker” on the bus

5. Being “The Nose Picker”

6. This guy from Zoombinis


The moisture percentage of this sandwich has been compromised.

8. The wolf from The Neverending Story

Real talk: lost over 100 hours of sleep due to this guy.

9. Free spirits in the boys’ bathroom

to whom I say:

10. Being warned on AIM

What does it mean? What did I do?!

11. The furby in my closet making noise in the middle of the night

12. The lunch line during Pizza Fridays

made me wanna disappear:

And after every long day at school, I came home and:

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