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    • paulf26

      St. Patrick’s Cathedral is NOT the first “medieval-style” church in America. That term means nothing. The source used in this post was Wikipedia, and there, the Cathedral’s architectural style is correctly called out as Gothic Revival. Ugh. Saint Patrick’s *might* be the first cathedral done in that style in America, but the author is also lost on the difference betweenachurch andacathedral. In any case, James Renwick Jr., architect of St. Patrick’s Cathedral was also the architect of the Gothic Revival Grace Church on Broadway and West 10th Street in Manhattan, and this opened in 1847. St. Patrick’s in 1878 (construction began in the 1850’s, but the Civil War forced heavy delays in completion of the cathedral). And the current Trinity Church, on Broadway at Wall Street, by Richard Upjohn, opened in the 1830’s, is also Gothic Revival in style. So is the Church of the Holy Communion (AKA the Limelight), also Upjohn, on Sixth Avenue and 20th Street (1840’s). These are justafew notable examples of Gothic Revival in NYC that predate St. Patrick’s.

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