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Who Really Should Be Given The Arthur Ashe Courage Award At This Years ESPYs?

Despite there being many suitable candidates for the Arthur Ashe Courage award for this years ESPY awards, it was decided that Caitlyn Jenner was the winner. So the real question is, does her move to becoming a woman trump the other candidates' chances to win? And is her move actually sports related?

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For those of you who are unfamiliar with the story (somehow), Caitlyn Jenner is the recently transitioned woman who was formerly Bruce Jenner, the world-famous Olympic Athlete.

Probably because there are several other candidates who seem to fit the bill for "courage in sports" this year a little better....

Such as these athletes and former athletes pictured here. (Lauren Hill at the top left, Noah Galloway at the top right, and Jim Kelly at the bottom left)

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