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45 Ways You Know You Went To The University Of Cincinnati

Do you bleed black and red?

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1. You've seen weird and beautiful architecture like this...

2. And...

3. ...and...

4. We know how to celebrate

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5. You've gotten used to having an email from Greg Hand about a crime near campus as a daily occurrence

6. ...But you've also become annoyed of how students and alumni from other schools view the area

7. You've never had Chick-fil-a that's tasted as good as the times you had it for lunch between classes


8. Nothing gets you going like some good ol' "Down the Drive"

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9. You're used to having a soundtrack to your day

10. You know that exercising at the recreation center on East campus is better because it's less crowded


11. You know the baseball team can photo-bomb with the best of them like...

12. Here they go again...

13. And again...boom

14. You've chased waterfalls

15. You've camped out for Relay for Life

16. You're not afraid of a Musketeer

17. Or a blue blob

18. You've seen way too many creeps make their way through CRC

19. You've gone for a late night ice cream or bowl of cereal before bed in Center Court

20. You know that Bearcats stand by each other, and we have the snowballs to prove it

21. You've caught some rays on the steps in Sigma Sigma commons

22. We might catch you by surprise..

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23. You know that you can hear instruments being played at all hours in CCM

24. You know the dread of visiting or living in Dabney Hall

25. You've learned that on campus and in Clifton, finding a spot to put your car is no easy feat

26. You're used to a President that makes wild bets... And sticks to them

27. And you can't wait to see what he tweets next

28. Can anybody do a Sun Drop commercial like us? Nope.

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29. You've learned which Lindner Center to walk to

30. You've learned that a Bearcat ACTUALLY looks like this...

31. And not like this

32. You've braved the wind tunnel that is Main Street on a frigid day


33. You know that it is IMPOSSIBLE to schedule an English 102 course

34. You've learned to live by this mentality when it comes to the football program...

35. But we still stand up and roar

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36. Your ice cream throwing aim has gotten pretty accurate from throwing them at these windows.

37. One minute you love Mick, the next minute you want him fired

38. You've had to walk from DAAP to the other side of campus for your next class in ten minutes

39. You've learned that there is no avoiding a conversation about fraternities or sororities onces you've began

40. You know there aren't many better views than atop French Hall

41. You can't decide which Starbucks to order from.. CCM or Main Street

42. You know that we love our local athletes

43. We know how to dance

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44. DAAP knows how to dance, too

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45. So, do you bleed black and red?

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