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    31 Ways To Tell You're From Cincinnati

    Here are a few giveaways that you may have been born and raised in the Queen City.

    Chances are you will probably be eating at B-Dub's for dinner soon

    You almost forgot that Jerry Springer was the mayor of Cincinnati

    You are less than a fan of the city of St. Louis

    The same goes for the city of Pittsburgh

    You aren't shy about bringing up the fact that "Rain Man" was filmed in Cincinnati

    You've had WAY too many arguments about whether this is called "soda" or "pop"

    After finding out a person's name, the next thing you always ask them is always "So where'd you go to high school?"

    You'd rather take the long way around than drive through Over-the-Rhine

    You're already counting on the Bengals to underachieve and disappoint you once again

    You know if you're an "east-sider" or a "west-sider"

    You find it hard to stay humble when talking about how Proctor & Gamble got their start in Cincinnati

    You've already decided if you're for red or for blue, and I'm not referring to politics

    You no doubt have some German heritage in your family

    You hung in there with Reds' pitcher "Cool Hand Leake" even after he was booked for shoplifting

    You know that Graeter's has the best chocolate chips in the world

    Anddddd Servati's has the best soft pretzels in the world

    You respond "please?" when you really mean "what did you say?"

    You don't mind standing up for whichever chili you want to put on your 3-way

    You won't shut up about how George Clooney was born in Cincinnati

    You're not sure why the airport is in Northern Kentucky

    You're shocked when people haven't experienced the greatness that is Larosa's pizza

    You wouldn't swim in the Ohio River for any amount of money in the world

    You know you haven't done ribs until you've had Montgomery Inn ribs

    You're convinced the Reds are going to win the World Series at the start of every spring

    You try to pretend that Grippo's are actually the best brand of chips

    You're not too sure about those folks living across the river in the Bluegrass state

    You're pretty creeped out by that old subway

    You're planning on going downtown "Zinzinnati" for the Oktoberfest next fall

    And you never have any clue which bridge to take to get back and forth across the river