30 Weird Holidays To Celebrate This June

Need an excuse to party this June? Luckily there are plenty of weird national holidays to help you out.

1. Flip A Coin Day

Warner Bros. / Via about-faces.livejournal.com

You can even make it “Wear an awesome fur coat day”.

3. Repeat Day (I said “Repeat Day”)

NBC / Via giphy.com

I said Repeat Day.

6. National Doughnut Day

Fox / Via giphy.com

I’m assuming Homer Price’s birthday is June 6th.

8. Name Your Poison Day

Warner Bros. / Via likecool.com

What’ll it be today?

10. Iced Tea Day

^^^Get this excited.

13. Blame Someone Else Day

Motion Picture Corporation of America

It would be appropriate to play the song “Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy on a loop all day.

14. World Juggling Day

Can’t you sense her excitement?

15. Smile Power Day

MGM Television / Via gifsoup.com

Anyone and EVERYONE can smile.

16. Fresh Veggies Day

Toho / Via weheartit.com


18. International Panic Day

Disney / Via wifflegif.com


21. National Hollerin’ Contest Day

Make sure they actually want you to holler though.

23. National Pink Day

SNL Studios Paramount Pictures / Via tonpetitlook.com

24. Swim a Lap Day

Or, if you’re a mermaid, the “Every 5 Minutes Of Your Life” Day.

26. Forgiveness Day

Fox / Via giphy.com

Notice, however, that it is not “Apology Accepted” Day as well.

27. National Sunglasses Day

Lions Gate / Via comicvine.com

Yep, even indoors.

28. Paul Bunyan Day

He gets it.

29. Hug Holiday Day

EVERYONE can join in.

30. Meteor Day

So does this mean the world is over at the end of this month?

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