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    30 Weird Holidays To Celebrate This June

    Need an excuse to party this June? Luckily there are plenty of weird national holidays to help you out.

    1. Flip A Coin Day

    Warner Bros. / Via

    You can even make it "Wear an awesome fur coat day".

    2. National Bubba Day

    Paramount Pictures

    3. Repeat Day (I said "Repeat Day")

    NBC / Via

    I said Repeat Day.

    4. Hug Your Cat Day

    Fox / Via

    5. World Environment Day

    NBC / Via

    6. National Doughnut Day

    Fox / Via

    I'm assuming Homer Price's birthday is June 6th.

    7. National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

    NBC / Via

    8. Name Your Poison Day

    Warner Bros. / Via

    What'll it be today?

    9. Donald Duck Day

    Disney / Via

    10. Iced Tea Day


    ^^^Get this excited.

    12. Red Rose Day

    OLM, inc / Via

    13. Blame Someone Else Day

    Motion Picture Corporation of America

    It would be appropriate to play the song "Wasn't Me" by Shaggy on a loop all day.

    14. World Juggling Day


    Can't you sense her excitement?

    15. Smile Power Day

    MGM Television / Via

    Anyone and EVERYONE can smile.

    16. Fresh Veggies Day

    Toho / Via


    17. Eat Your Vegetables Day


    Whoa, back to back?

    18. International Panic Day

    Disney / Via


    19. World Sauntering Day

    CBS / Via


    20. Take Your Dog to Work Day

    21. National Hollerin' Contest Day

    TLC / Via

    Make sure they actually want you to holler though.

    23. National Pink Day

    SNL Studios Paramount Pictures / Via

    24. Swim a Lap Day


    Or, if you're a mermaid, the "Every 5 Minutes Of Your Life" Day.

    25. National Catfish Day

    MTV / Via

    Or is it?

    26. Forgiveness Day

    Fox / Via

    Notice, however, that it is not "Apology Accepted" Day as well.

    27. National Sunglasses Day

    Lions Gate / Via

    Yep, even indoors.

    29. Hug Holiday Day

    Fox / Via

    EVERYONE can join in.

    30. Meteor Day


    So does this mean the world is over at the end of this month?

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