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    28 Emotional Stages Of Forgetting Your iPhone Charger

    As told by Seinfeld. Don't ever forget your charger.

    1. What's that? I should have brought my charger?

    2. Oh don't you worry..I charged it before I got here. I will be just fine.

    3. Sure, I don't see why I shouldn't be on my phone all night.

    4. Besides, I like being the one who can look everything up so I look smart in a conversation with my friends.

    5. The night is so much fun I'm not even thinking about that battery life

    6. Well geez, that battery life does seem to be going by a little faster than I expected

    7. I'll just try and relax. Don't. Think. About. Battery,

    8. Wait what?! It's already at half!?!?

    9. .....

    10. It's no big deal. I closed out all of my app's and I'm not going to touch my phone for a while

    11. Wow, I'm really regretting letting you use my phone. You're draining my battery.

    12. What do you mean it's not a big deal if you drain my battery?

    13. Don't patronize me.

    14. You know what? No. No more. Nobody else can use my phone.

    15. Noooo. My battery is already at 30%

    16. OK, it's no big deal. Someone has to have a charger around here.

    17. You're joking. You don't have a charger anywhere around here?

    18. Please. You don't understand.

    19. Oh really? You think an Android charger is going to help me?

    20. Nooo, it can't be. My battery is down to 20%.

    21. Don't you die on me phone!

    22. Why does everyone else think this is so funny?

    23. Well, it's dead. Whatever. I don't even need a phone tonight.

    24. It's been 20 minutes and I'm already starting to lose my mind.

    25. What am I going to do without my iPhone?

    26. Wait, did I check my car again for my charger?

    27. THANK THE LORD!!! My night is saved

    28. Looks like my phone is back in business after all.

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