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23 Life Lessons We All Can Learn From Louis C.K.

Nobody tells it like Louis.

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1. Never trust someone who is "too nice" to you. Especially online.

2. Don't let social media run your life. Go out and experience the real world.

3. A man or woman's best friend in the world is good sleep.

4. Bacon makes EVERYTHING better.

5. It's not for us to decide who can and cannot get married.

6. Use your head in public.

7. Race should be a non-factor in discussions.

8. If you are born with a lot of opportunities in life, don't under-appreciate them.

9. Like I said, appreciate the life you're given.

10. Sadness meals are always OK

11. When you find the right one, you'll know.

12. Everyone screws up from time to time.

13. Don't make up problems to feel content or better about yourself.

14. NEVER mess with a woman who is out for revenge.

15. Don't hate your body.

16. No thanks, people who patronize others a lot.

17. Honesty is so important to a good relationship.

18. Don't be a wet blanket. Live a little.

19. Chill out, people who are too serious all the time.

20. Don't put on a front for yourself just because it appears to be politically correct.

21. Use your head, ladies.

22. Well, maybe being single isn't ALWAYS a bad thing...

23. And finally, life ain't guaranteed.

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