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    20 Signs You've Developed An Unhealthy Addiction To "Criminal Minds"

    The unsub was last seen watching Criminal Minds streaming on Netflix...OH MY GOD IT'S YOU.

    1. You refer to those you are meeting for a first date as unsubs…

    2. And you make all of your friends sit at a table afterward to profile that person.

    3. But try as you might, thanks to the life you chose, you can’t seem to make any meaningful relationships in your life last. (The watching-Criminal Minds-life)

    4. You've learned to never smile.

    5. You try to flirt with your friends over the phone.

    6. You can blurt out random facts that you should have no business knowing.

    7. You also randomly quote famous figures throughout the day.

    8. You’ve dyed your hair in every color in the book.

    9. You keep telling everyone that you need a vacation.

    10. You feel the need to negotiate everything.

    11. You’ve grown a goatee and began referring to yourself as Rossi.

    12. You keep calling your friend with the initials J.J. and telling them to get a press conference ready.

    13. You will search for everything you lose for 48 hours if you have to…

    14. Because that’s the window you have.

    15. You keep insisting you have eidetic memory.

    16. And that you can read 20,000 words per minute.

    17. You’ve transformed the room with your TV to look like the inside of a private jet.

    18. You try to profile everyone in your life…

    19. Because you think watching a television show has educated you enough.

    20. But that’s until you realize...YOU FIT THE UNSUB’S DESCRIPTION.