20 People You Will Meet In College This Year

College wouldn’t be the same without them.

1. Someone who doesn’t appear to care about class at all

2. Someone who will destroy your curve for an exam or course you’re taking

3. Someone who thinks they’re much smarter than they actually are

4. Someone who never rolls anywhere without their posse

5. Someone who is overly enthusiastic with school spirit

6. Someone who gets drunk before class

7. Someone you get to know well over the years

8. Someone who is proof that money doesn’t buy intelligence

9. Someone who really needs to chill out

10. Someone who will be your boss one day

11. Someone who makes everyone in the room feel awkward

12. Someone who is easy to talk to

13. Someone who thinks they are still the captain of their high school sports team

14. Someone who will do whatever it takes to get people to like them

15. Someone who has had a little too much “fun” since they’ve been to college

16. Someone who never opens a book but gets a higher GPA than you

17. Someone in your study group who is no help at all

18. Someone who gets the people going

19. Someone who makes you smile

20. Someone who can pull an all nighter

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