14 Emotional Stages Of Sending A Snapchat To Friends

Snapchats don’t last forever. But rejection does.

1. Ok , what can I send to all of these people on my contacts list that would be soo funny?

Overture Films / Via wifflegif.com

2. Ah, I’ve finally got it! Something funny with a bit of innuendo.

AMC / Via uproxx.com

3. Now I’ll send this out to every single one of my contacts that have a snapchat account. Time to wait.

NBC / Via videogum.com

4. Ok, it’s only been a few minutes. No reason to panic when I haven’t heard any responses.

NBC / Via mashable.com

5. 10 minutes in? Little bit surprising that nobody has opened it up yet.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via mashable.com

6. Whew, OK now I’ve seen a few people opened it.. I should be getting some good responses now.

7. Response from the first friend..

Columbia Pictures / Via reactiongif.tumblr.com


8. And the second friend.

The Malloys / Via lovelydlight.tumblr.com

Come on, it wasn’t that bad.

9. So since that happened about a dozen more times, it appears everyone but one person didn’t get it. I’m a failure.

Universal Pictures / Via gifatron.com

10. Whatever — I don’t even need a snapchat account. What’s the point?

AMC / Via pandawhale.com

11. *Throws phone*

MTV / Via blahbethany.com

12. Wait, was that an alert sound?? I have one new snapchat!

Columbia Pictures / Via quaddigital.co.uk

13. My last hope for a great response to my AMAZING snapchat.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via pandawhale.com

14. A snapchat of your dog waving hello? I QUIT!

Comedy Central / Via tvtropes.org

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