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    Lorde Criticizes Lana Del Rey... Hmmm....

    Lorde recently was critical of the Queen of Coney Island, saying she's not a "good thing for young girls, even young people."

    Lana Del Rey and Lorde have for a while had online buzz comparing the two to each other. They are both Alternative artists bringing different sounds than what has been in mainstream music in the past couple of years. Lorde recently said in an interview with The Fader, "I think a lot of women in this industry maybe aren't doing so well for the girls. I've read interviews where certain big female stars are like, "I'm not a feminist." I'm like, That's not what it's about. She's great, but I listened to that Lana Del Rey record and the whole time I was just thinking it's so unhealthy for young girls to be listening to, you know: "I'm nothing without you." This sort of shirt-tugging, desperate, don't leave me stuff. That's not a good thing for young girls, even young people, to hear."

    First of all Lana never claimed to be a role model, and it's not like everything Lorde is saying is what teens should do (i.e. Take the pill, make it too real). I get the point that Lorde is trying to make, but it's obvious that she isn't getting the elements of Lana's songs and what her music really is about. I think people shouldn't be defined by their relationship, and that you should be a whole person yourself before you get into one, but Lana isn't saying the contrary. In the the song, the chorus (of the song Lorde is referring to) goes as follows: "Boy, you're so dope, / Your love is deadly. / Tell me life is beautiful, / They all think I have it all. / I'm nothing without you. / All my dreams and all the lights mean / Nothing without you." She is saying that this fancy famous life that she is living now on the outside looks glamorous, but on the inside it doesn't matter: all she is yearning for is for this love to come back. It actually is saying a lot about what is important in life, not jobs or success, but experiences and love.

    It isn't the first time the kiwi-singer has inadvertently bashed LDR, she once said to The Guardian that she's against "this ridiculous, unrelatable, unattainable opulence that runs throughout [music]. Lana Del Rey is always singing about being in the Hamptons or driving her Bugatti Veyron or whatever, and at the time, me and my friends were at some house party worrying how to get home because we couldn't afford a cab. This is our reality!" First of all it really bugs me when people bash things because they are un-relatable. It's called imagination and escaping? Plus the emotional side of Lana's lyrics are what make them relatable. & Once again it is just obvious she isn't really getting the music, because Lana only refers to such opulence in her song, "National Anthem". Otherwise, I believe she keeps it very simple, talking about the beauty of just sitting at home watching her boyfriend play video games in the hit titled, well, "Video Games". And if you didn't know most of her old shit (and some of her new) is talking about her life living in a trailer park in New Jersey. Not so opulent, Lorde.

    Another article from Stuff Entertainment (New Zealand) went as far as to say (when comparing LDR to Lorde) that, "Lana Del Rey tried and failed to find success, Lorde has found it, brought it out, changed it up and made it better." To be frank, that is bullshit. Lana Del Rey has 2 top 10 hit singles, one of which was in "The Great Gatsby" and in my opinion made the movie, music video's reaching hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, 2 Vogue covers (as well as man other magazine covers), and much more. But the real stand out is her album "Born To Die", released in January of 2012 (a year and a half ago), that this past week went back into the top 10 charts in the US. Selling more than 27,000+ copies a week, if that isn't longevity I don't know what else is.

    So to finish this article off I'd like to say that I have no intention of taking anything away from Lorde and her talent. Her music is very good, and she has a very promising career ahead of her. Just do not spew out things about notable artists, when your 16 year old self does not know what she is talking about. Ask Azealia Banks, dissing people doesn't get you places, especially when it comes from a place of ignorance.

    Lana Del Rey's Born To Die

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