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    Posted on Oct 2, 2013

    23 Signs You Might Actually Live In Night Vale

    Or at least one very seriously weird town.

    1. You will follow this instruction whether or not you know what you're running from.

    2. This seems like pretty normal cat behavior to you.

    3. This is a common site in your neighborhood.

    4. Physics occasionally goes on vacation.

    5. You've always been a little wary of boy scouts. / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 93425126@N00

    6. This is the place to BE.

    7. You probably bought this at the grocery store yesterday.

    8. Death might have recently been voted into a merit-based system.

    9. Random shapes that nobody acknowledges or speak about appear in places they shouldn't.

    10. You know to stay away from the dog park.

    11. You have a completely rational fear of internships.

    12. The grocery store has been out of wheat (and wheat byproducts) for AGES.

    13. This is obviously what the fox says.

    14. Wednesdays are frequently cancelled.

    15. This makes you SHUDDER IN DISGUST. You know why. You know what you did. / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 75654019@N00

    16. Glowing clouds? Totally normal.

    Ken Lund / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: kenlund

    17. There's at least one batty old lady who seems to be protected by (black?) angels.

    18. Your horoscope is usually a little bleak.

    19. Your day-to-day activities are frequently interrupted by sink holes.

    20. Or sandstorms.

    21. You actually have no idea what the weather is on a regular basis.

    22. But you have an EXCELLENT music library.


    (Listen to this playlist here.)

    23. And you might want to consider moving.

    But not to stupid Desert Bluffs.

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