"Men In Black" Is The Only Movie That Truly Understands Your Hangover Right Now

    No. No you will not be taking these sunglasses off today, thanks. Petition to outlaw booze.

    1. Last night was great. You danced. You drank. You frolicked.

    2. But it went downhill pretty quickly.

    3. You vaguely remember flirting with the grace of a kidnap victim.

    4. Clearly someone neuralyzed you because you don't recall a thing past 9pm.

    5. And now your mouth is the devil child of the Sahara and the barren planes of Mars.

    6. Your head pretty much feels like this.

    7. Sunlight is a horrible thing and could it please go away until at least next week.

    8. There are some new and obscure entries in your contact list.

    9. Someone. Is in. Your bed.

    10. Getting to work is pretty much going to feel like this.

    11. ...If you can get up. Somehow. Augh limbs are hard.

    12. Much like Agent K, this is how people are describing you today.

    13. You are this. This is you.

    14. Coffee is your only friend.

    15. Everything is hard.

    16. Actual real life picture of you right now.

    17. Your inner struggle.

    18. But Sssshhhh, it'll all be over soon.

    19. Ssssshhhhh.

    20. Just leave me here to die.