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    12 Furniture Pieces Straight Out Of "Beauty And The Beast"

    The ultimate question is will they make me dinner and sing me to sleep?

    1. This cabinet that regrets letting you be its guest.

    2. This table that had its service put to the test.

    3. These cabinets who will provide the rest.

    4. Soup du jour, hot hors d'oeuvres, why, these guys only live to serve.

    5. This guy's delicious, ask the dishes.

    6. This dress(er) can sing, it can dance.

    7. Although none of them are from France.

    8. This armoir is never second best.

    9. And this fella's never gloomy or complaining.

    10. When this dresser's entertaining!

    11. This table tells jokes and does tricks.

    12. While this desk holds candlesticks.

    And it's all in perfect taste!


    ...You're not fooling us, furniture. Now get dancing.