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    Excuse You Marvel, Where Is Our Black Widow Movie?

    Thor 2, Iron Man 3, Captain America 2... *AHEM*

    Hi. This is Natasha Romanoff, alias "Black Widow".

    Natasha would like to know why she doesn't have her own movie yet.

    Thor's great and all.

    And who doesn't love Cap or Iron Man?

    But we all know who the REAL hero of The Avengers is.

    Natasha. Muthafuckin'. Romanoff.

    Haters to the right.

    Because Black Widow doesn't mess around.

    And she doesn't take shit from anyone.


    Probably because even though she doesn't have any "powers"...

    ...She can still kick just as much ass as the boys*.

    She's a fearless queen.

    If you look closely you can see the exact moment Steve falls in love.

    She's fierce as shit.

    And there's still plenty the movies haven't explained about her past.

    Like how did she come to join the Avengers?

    What's the story between her and Clint!?

    How does she keep her hair so perfect!?


    Plus she's got a rich comic book history the movies haven't even touched yet!

    Basically Black Widow's the best.

    And even Nick Fury asks for her advice.

    So get on it, Marvel. We're waiting.

    Everyone wants it to happen and it will be the greatest.

    Don't make us send Natasha after you.

    Because I really don't think you'd like the results.