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    Every Major Sci-Fi Starship In One Staggering Comparison Chart

    DeviantArt user Dirk Loechel has put together one out-of-this-world infograph.

    Holy space balls, right? That's a lot of ships.

    Here are some close-ups of the different quadrants, see if you can find your favorites.

    Imperium of Man, because you can't conquer space without churches.

    The Tau Battlesphere does not understand subtlety.

    Meanwhile, it's a wonder the Rebel Alliance got anything done in Star Wars.

    Aww look at all the precious Star Trek babies.

    Okay, Warhammer, we get it.

    EVE Online is also doing some serious overcompensating.

    Hello, yes, I would like one Planet Destroyer, please.

    Titan A.E. what are you even doing? You're ship-building drunk. Go home.