14 Dinosaurs Who Are Hot Messes

Everyone remembers how bad-ass T-Rex was, but let's take a moment to talk about these evolutionary drunkards.

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1. This hot mess with a nasal cavity that is TOO DAMN LONG. Who needs that much nose, huh? Cokeheads*, that's who.

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*Nobody's actually positive what Parasaurolophus's elongated crest was for, but hypotheses include wooing a sexy mate (duh) or communication.

7. ...Who is at least marginally cooler than this jerk.*

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*Linhenykus's stupid little one finger-claw may have been used to dig through bug nests, actually making it more useful than Carnotaurus's stunted arms.

9. This bonehead who doesn't understand that bowl haircuts weren't even cool two million years ago.*

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*Actual boney head may have been used for shoving contests. Yes, shoving. Get a better hobby, Stygimoloch.

10. This simpleton who has to worry about getting tangled in his own neck.

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*Tanystropheus's neck was ten feet long... and made up of only ten vertebrae. Considering we have 24... WHUT?

12. This... I don't even know what, but it needs to put down the acid tabs ASAP.

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*Despite being about the size of a giraffe and looking like that, scientists think Quetzalcoatlus could probably actually fly.

14. This fool who was probably dropped on his head as a child.*

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*Nobody's actually positive why Brachylophosaurus's head was like that, but my second guess is "slammed between two doors".