These Reviews Of The Life-Size Iron Throne Replica Are The Best Thing Ever

Jon Snow, the Dark Lord Sauron, and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air all weigh in on their latest purchase.

1. THIS JUST IN: You can now buy a life-size Iron Throne replica from HBO.

We’re pretty sure it’s not made of Valyrian steel, but still.

2. And get this: It only costs $30,000!

Lannisters sold separately.

3. OK, and shipping’s also $1,800, but we’re considering it an investment.

Nobody will take you seriously ruling out of that broken office chair you found on the curb. Come on.

4. The best part? All the people who “bought” and reviewed it.

So without further ado…

5. Like this generous father:

HBO Shop / Via

RIP this guy’s dog.

6. This guy we’d definitely like to live next to:

HBO Store / Via

Everybody knows real estate’s a terrible investment.

7. This person who thought one wasn’t enough:

HBO Shop / Via

Should have just gone for an even 12.

8. This “Avid Chair Enthusiast”:

HBO Shop / Via

He left out bar mitzvahs.

9. Sauron got in on the action too:

HBO Shop / Via

“Good PR.” Enough said.

10. As did this daycare teacher:

HBO Shop / Via

The pros sooo outweigh the cons.

11. Jon Snow got one too!

HBO Store / Via


12. So did this slightly questionable doctor:

HBO Shop / Via

Seems legit.

13. This freshest of princes:

HBO Shop / Via

Can we be friends? Like, seriously.

14. A Greyjoy, of course.

HBO Shop / Via

Totally worth it.

15. This guy, who was a little less pleased with his purchase:

HBO Shop / Via

Practicality is overrated.

16. This husband whose wife does not approve:

HBO Store / Via

We’re with the UPS guy on this one. It IS “the balls.”

17. This guy who only gave it three stars:

HBO Store / Via

Nothing a few throw pillows can’t fix, honestly.

18. Aaaand…

HBO Shop / Via


19. So who’s getting one?!

Check out the rest of the hysterical reviews over at HBO’s site: Life-Size Replica Iron Throne

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