Strong willed conservative 40 something parent with strong christian values. I look for the best in people. I'm a small business owner, self made guy who is always looking for the best to come.
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    • patriotdb

      I am sure this guy kicked his kid’s butt, as he should have. It’s typical of kids now days and the only reason anyone cares is because his dad is in politics. Otherwise it’s the same as a black kid saying something about the honky or white boy or the liberal calling all conservatives racist, or any of the other ridiculous stuff people say. Bottom line is he was mad about his fantasy football picks, he was correct in saying Romney beat Obama in the debate, he is correct Obama did not kill Bin laden, (The intelligence community and Special Forces did their job). His Mom, girlfriends etc. will definitely have him making sandwiches and doing dishes, opening doors etc. for a while. He has the tact of a teenage kid and not a politician. Remember Clinton smoked dope, Obama hung out with commies and W got a DUI and asked his parents how sex was after 50. Everyone does stupid stuff and they learn from it. His parents are not to blame. He is and he will suffer because of it. All you self righteous idiots out there get off you high horse. I’m sure you’re all virgins who have not had premarital sex, never called anyone fat, black, gay, stupid etc. Be realistic. He’s 16, his dad is conservative and he has the power of the internet. Shame on the press for making it a political issue. It’s really an issue his parents need to handle.

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