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    • Patriot

      I refuse to have my right to privacy invaded even more just to make some people in Newtown feel better. They’ve gotten all the support and sympathy from this nation that they need. They do not need my rights too. We already have background checks, asagun owner, you should know that unless you got your guns illegally. Sorry. It’s time they move on and heal like all other people who have lost loved ones tragically. Legislation based on emotion is not good legislation. Have you paid attention to New York lately? They voted in the very overly invasive background checks that Obama wants, they used that new law to invadeagun owners medical records (which are protected by HIPPA) and based onaone time use of an anti depressant, they TOOK his guns! YES! Obama’s bill isadesigned to take guns! Don’t be so gullible as to believe everything out of Obama’s camp! They will lie just to get his AGENDA passed!

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