This Farmer Just Live-Tweeted The Birth Of 10 Sheepdog Puppies And It Was Too Adorable For Words

    "Let's break the internet with sheepdog cuteness."

    If you follow Herdwick Shepherd on Twitter (aka James Rebanks, author and Lake District farmer), you'll know that one of his sheepdogs, Floss, has been pregnant.

    Floss doing fine. No news to report. (Other than she is fed up)

    Well, guess what? SHE'S HAD THE BABIES! Seven little border collie puppies. They are indescribably cute.

    "Boss... Don't leave me... These little wrigglers have got sharp teeth..."

    It all started at around 6.20pm on Thursday.

    And puppies started appearing really quickly.

    Rebanks' phone was going "mental" with responses to his pictures by this point.

    Let's break the Internet with sheepdog cuteness... Phone has gone mental!


    So it was just one puppy.

    Two puppies.

    Three puppies.

    Three soggy, bewildered, baby dogs.

    Four puppies.

    Four pups... That one is a beauty... Think three bitches and this is a dog


    It was almost too much to handle.

    Rebanks' kids took in the whole experience.

    Growing up on a farm has its great moments...

    And just when you thought things couldn't possibly get any cuter, the sixth one popped out.

    Then No. 7 arrived.

    There was a rush for some food.

    And it didn't take long before the dogs were mucking about like a box of frogs.

    That's one proud mum.

    "I've had five puppies... I might have more"

    In the end there were 10 puppies!

    Floss is going to be busy today.

    And one farmer's kids don't want to go to school today.

    "We are going to school dad... But not until we have made friends with these puppies"